Camping, and Springtime in the Hill Country (Plans, Plans, Plans!)



Last weekend, B and I did some camping on his father’s property. We had a great time, despite sleeping on jagged rock, and the agony of dealing with mountain cedar pollen (I’m still sick), and a bit of rain. It was our first camping experience together, and my first time camping anywhere in the great state of Texas. Which, by the way, had an anniversary 2 days ago. The Republic of Texas was founded 181 years ago! The courthouse in the town I was born in was operating 306 years ago. I’m used to old things.

And I thought I was a pro at camping, until I slept on that Texas limestone. I’ve never had so much pain in my life! We’ve purchased some nice camping pads, for future camping…which should be 2 weeks from today.



Camping is such a fun, fulfilling experience for those who crave more of the outdoors. I enjoyed it so much! We were able to start a fire, cook dinner, and enjoy the wildlife. It was absolutely peaceful, to be in a quiet setting. Well, besides the sound of gunfire from Fort Hood in the distance, it was quiet. I even heard my first coyote our first evening. All evening, actually.


Two weekends from now we’re planning on heading out to an actual campsite not far from here, with water and electricity (yay!). I can’t wait to do some more camping and fishing! We’re going to celebrate my birthday, just a few days late. I’ll be 24 on the fourteenth, baking my own cake and treating it like a relatively normal Tuesday.

Easter is officially 43 days away! Just over 6 weeks! I’d love to get around to posting some Easter worthy recipes…it’s always been a big holiday for my family, in terms of food and faith. It’s second to Christmas. It also happens to be my favorite, when we shake off winter and put our sweatshirts away, and get our bare feet wet in the dew on the grass. It’s the most wonderful feeling. And as a bonus to moving to Texas, local strawberries peak for picking in April! I’ll be making A LOT of strawberry pie, strawberry cake, strawberry pound cake, strawberry jam, jelly, jell-O, strawberry smoothies…can you tell how much I love strawberries? They’re a pretty important part of my childhood, and my adulthood.

They’re my favorite food, I’d say. But I’ll get to that, when we go pick them. I’m just not sure when we’ll get to it.

But, we will! And I can’t wait!

Spring has come to Texas!



The redbuds are blooming!

The Indian Paints, and Bluebonnets are beginning to appear, and once they peak, I’ll be all over the Hill Country looking for them and their photogenic blooms. I’m most looking forward to visiting the Bluebonnet House for the first time. It’s a beautifully aged home, sitting in a field of beautiful wildflowers.The lavender will be getting ready as well, in Blanco, the Lavender capital of Texas.  That select area of Texas is probably my favorite, and a short drive away from our home. I have so much planned to do this spring, in anticipation for the early heat I know is coming. I’m absolutely useless here in the summer. I just can’t get adjusted to Texas heat, lord knows I’ve tried. I dehydrate so easily, and it’s such a shame. Maryland never treated me so brutally. Maryland was always, always good to me.

We’ve also got a lot of fishing to do. We plan on doing a lot of it when we go camping next. This is the time of year I come alive, honestly. And I can’t wait to get outside! Especially with summer so near…

I dislike the Texas summer.

Let’s just focus on spring! We’ve got a lot of plans for the next few months, and I just can’t wait to get out and enjoy them!




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