I Come With Stories, Treasures, and Recipes

It’s been a while. 

B and I have been to Tennessee / Maryland and back, we’ve had our first wedding anniversary (With leftover wedding cake!!!), we’re back into the gym, we’re fall cleaning and disinfecting the apartment, we’re running to Austin and points north what feels like every weekend, we’re prepping for potential hunting trips and camping trips and hikes, readying our clothes and shoes and camera and conceal carry for autumn activities! 

Because honestly, Fall and Winter are the only rational times to get outside, here in Texas. Not to say the Hill Country doesn’t have anything to offer in the summer – far from it – but it’s just so darn hot.

Enough of heat talk, it’s autumn! 

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year, and always has been. Football, family, good food, and cool weather. Sure, Texas autumn isn’t quite sweater weather, but I’ll bask in the glory of 80s and 70s and soak in the 60s at night! I’ll take what I can get! 

October is coming to an end here soon, in about a week. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and honestly, this time of year I really don’t want to burn out in the kitchen all day. I like to save it for the few feverish days of the holiday. So I want quick, hearty meals. I want childhood favorites, warm favorites, the kind that feel like the season. 

Granted, B and I are on a chicken and vegetable sort of routine lately, with quick meal prep (I’ll get into all that later), but weekends deserve some portioned out comforts!

Since we were in Maryland in September, I’ve been seriously craving, I mean SERIOUSLY craving, some decent blue crab. Getting that in the south center of Texas is easier said than done. Getting any fresh crab in October is rare, anywhere. But if you can swing it, or if you can find a decent canned crab meat in the grocery store, my oh my does it make a mean soup that is PERFECT for those chilly autumn evenings! 

Then there’s crab cakes, crab imperial, and my favorite crab dip… 

And next month? Oysters! 

I finally took the time to sit down with my mother this year and get her easy Vegetable Beef Stew recipe, which I’m actually making next weekend… 

Soups are definitely a quick way to beat the kitchen burnout, and I’ll be getting some recipes out ASAP. 

I also have some new favorites for dinner to share, including salmon, chicken, stir fry, fried rice, and crockpot meals. 
In the meantime, enjoy your fall season, and enjoy time with your loved ones! I certainly am! 

This past Monday we went out to the Carter land, for B to try out his brand new Glock 19 Gen 5 handgun. He was SO excited to get it, and is eager to rotate it into his everyday carry. I had a lot of fun shooting on my own… photography, that is. It was wonderful seeing B spend time with his father. And some of the photos were really nice, in my biased opinion. 

I was fairly pleased with how some of them turned out! It is “Glocktober”, after all, and in this family, firearms are safe, secure, and sacred. 

I wasn’t sure if a firearm related post was proper, considering recent events, but firearms bring this family together. Quality time is spent this way. 

And there’s nothing wrong with quality time, no matter what hobbies your family has! 
Happy autumn, y’all!


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